This is what it’s like to intern for Chance The Rapper

Negele Hospedales was involved in 'significant projects' as part of the experience

Earlier this year, Chance The Rapper announced that he was hiring an intern, attracting many interested applicants. Now, the lucky chosen candidate has explained what it’s actually like to intern for the hip-hop star.

Negele Hospedales, a recent graduate from the University of Calgary, set up a website to work as his virtual application, explaining to Pigeons and Planes that Chance texted him “how are you?” to inform him that he had been successful in his application.

Hospedales outlined his responsibilities as an intern, which included “getting in contact with possible collaborators” and other “significant projects”.

In a blog on the experience, Hospedales – who goes by the nickname ‘Hospey’ – also revealed that he got the chance to hang out with Dave Chappelle and play basketball with Migos as part of the experience.

“My time as intern for Chance the Rapper is something that could never be justifiably summed up in words,” he wrote. “Chance is exactly like the man you’d picture him to be, as a family man, business man, and friend”.

always up to something. 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️ #beencouragedtour @chancetherapper

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Chance was performing at the Xfinity Theatre when authorities had to take over 90 attendees to hospital. Most were suffering from what authorities described as “severe intoxication.”

Hartford Deputy Chief Brian Foley said that the crowd were participating in “tailgating, partying, and excessive alcohol consumption,” adding that the crowd was mostly made up of teens and young adults.

Officers made 50 underage drinking referrals and most of these were issued a summons to appear in court.