This video shows what Metallica and Lady Gaga’s Grammys performance should have sounded like

Frontman James Hetfield suffered technical difficulties at Sunday's ceremony

A video has emerged showing what Metallica‘s faulty collaborative performance with Lady Gaga at the Grammys could have sounded like.

The metal icons were performing a special duet with Gaga at the US awards ceremony on Sunday night (February 12), but as frontman James Hetfield stepped up to sing ‘Moth Into Flame’, his microphone was switched off – forcing him to share one with Gaga. Visibly frustrated, Hetfield threw his guitar and a crew member and kicked over the mic stand.

A stagehand has since been blamed for Metallica’s microphone failure, with TMZ reporting that the mic and line check before the performance went without a hitch, but shortly after a wire was unplugged beneath the stage by a stagehand – and was only plugged in again seconds before the song’s end.

Now a Metallica fan page has shared a video of the performance with Hetfield’s vocals included. The page claims that the footage comes from the web livestream of the Grammys, but some have disputed this, suggesting that the video takes audio of Hetfield’s vocals from another performance.

Watch below:

This is what the Grammys performance actually sounded like:

It was an evening marred by poor fortune for the metal band – as host and ‘Orange Is The New Black’ star Laverne Cox also forgot to introduce the band before their performance. She later took to Twitter to apologise: