Best of Brew: Here’s what to expect from The Foo Fighters Arms

Beers, portraits, and £250 teapots...

Foo Fighters have opened their own pop-up pub in East London, providing fans with the chance to get their hands on exclusive merchandise and try a variety of beers that have been themed around their new album.

The pop-up boozer, which opened last night, has seen Bethnal Green’s Dundee Arms transform into The Foo Fighters Arms, and it’s a near essential pilgrimage for any discernible fan of the rock giants.

Here’s what to expect.

The Pub.


From the moment that you walk through the doors of The Foo Fighters Arms, the attention to detail is overwhelming. Neoclassical portraits of the band hang from the walls, while a huge TV screen shows some of their most recognisable videos.

A huge neon sign also sends the band’s name up in lights behind the bar, in the unlikely event that you needed some confirmation about where you were.

The theme also extends to the smoking area, with the walls of a small alcove plastered with gig posters that span the entirety of the band’s career. Again, it’s that impressive intention to detail.

Here’s the Foos…

The whole thing also acts as a massive listening party too, with Concrete & Gold blaring from the speakers on loop.

The Beer.

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It wouldn’t be a Foo Fighters pub without their own beer, would it?

There’s three options on offer, and they’re all named after tracks from ‘Concrete And Gold’.

‘La Dee Da’ is a hoppy American IPA that craft beer connoisseurs will lap up, while ‘Concrete And Gold’ comes in the form of a golden ale created by East London’s very own Truman Brewery.

Despite the somewhat off-putting name, ‘Dirty Water’ is worth trying too – a tasty IPA created by Leyton based Signature Brew.


The Pop-Up Shop.

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An entire upstairs room of the pub has been transformed into a treasure trove of Foo Fighters merchandise – and there’s pretty much everything you could possibly want.

We’re seriously not joking, a Foo Fighters tea-set will set you back a pretty £250.

But there’s a whole load of merch that won’t necessarily burn a hole in your wallet, including exclusive t-shirts, prints, and hoodies.

You can also pick up the vinyl of ‘Concrete & Gold’ on an exclusive black print. Fancy.