Where are Blossoms? This new documentary might have the answer

This is brilliantly bizarre....

A new documentary has explored the surprise whereabouts of Blossoms, after fans began speculating about the future of the Stockport band.

In the short film, it’s claimed that each member has gone off to pursue their own individual passions after the success of their 2016 debut, and there’s some unexpected new ventures in store.

It’s initially revealed that bassist Charlie Salt now ‘works’ as a mascot for Stockport County FC, while drummer Joe Donovan now runs an ice cream van that chimes out to the sound of their very own ‘Charlemagne’.


As the documentary progresses, the new occupations become increasingly bizarre – and it culminates in a clip that sees Myles Kellock undertaking an unlikely foray into hip-hop as he records a ‘Fire In The Booth’ session with Radio 1 Xtra’s Charlie Sloth.

But the clip also teases that a return could be on the horizon, with the date ‘01.03.2018’ briefly flashing on screen at the very end of the documentary.



Posted by Blossoms on Friday, February 23, 2018

The bizarre update from the band comes after they reunited for the NME Awards last week, and opened up on the apparent feud between singer Tom Ogden and drummer Joe Donovan.

It’s just one of them, isn’t it?” Ogden told NME of their row.

“When you spend hours and hours with someone on tour and every time someone has a drink, he fucking goes ‘ahhh, every single fucking time’. Do you know what I mean? When someone does that all the time, and they don’t stop doing it, it’s going to grind on you – isn’t it? Especially when you’ve known someone 12 years.


“He makes a clicking noise when he speaks as well, but I had to tell the manager to get him to stop doing that.”

Earlier this week, they also launched a helpline for fans “feeling confused” amid apparent tension within the group.