White Lies say new album is their most ‘melodic’ yet

They're aiming to have their third album ready for a late summer release

White Lies say that their upcoming third album is their most “melodic” effort yet.

The London trio are about to record their follow-up to 2011’s ‘Ritual’ with producer Ed Buller, who also worked with them on their 2009 debut ‘To Lose My Life’. Discussing the album’s sound with NME, bassist Charles Cave explained: “It’s a really melodic record, much more so than the last two. There’s still drama and depth but there’s a real sense of pleasure you can hear in some of these songs.”

However, Cave insisted that the band has not gone undergone a drastic makeover, adding: “But there is a pretty definitive White Lies sound, and whether that rears its head in an industrial and electronic palate of sounds like some of the tracks on the last album, or if it’s more in a lush and orchestral, pompous kind of thing like we occasionally do, it somehow manages to creep through.”


The album, which is currently untitled, will loosely follow the story of a couple who leave “an unidentified provincial European area” for a “much bigger, more glamorous city”. A recurring theme, according to Cave, is the idea of equality in a relationship. “That topic features regularly on the record: if there is ever an equal relationship where you respect and love each other in exactly the same weight,” he explained. “I’m not sure it does.”

Tracks set to appear include ‘Getting Even’, which Cave describes as “stomping… powerful, almost emotional”, and ‘There Goes My Love Again’, which singer Harry McVeigh says “might be the most immediate White Lies song we’ve written”. The band is aiming to have the album ready for a late summer release.

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