White Lies’ Jack Lawrence-Brown: ‘People who make upbeat Christmas songs are taking the piss’

Drummer says bands must have a lot of time on their hands…

White LiesJack Lawrence-Brown has said that “it’s a bit of a pisstake” when bands release upbeat Christmas songs – and ruled out the possibility of his own band recording a festive track.

Speaking to NME, the drummer claimed that he didn’t understand the appeal of releasing a Christmas album and described the process as “a bit weird”.

This year, the likes of She And Him, Emmy The Great and Ash‘s Tim Wheeler, and Smith & Burrows have all released Christmas-themed albums, with Emmy The Great joking that the glut of festive LPs could be “a sign of the Mayan apocalypse”.


However, Lawrence-Brown insisted White Lies were unlikely to follow in their footsteps, stating: “I feel like people that do that [release Christmas songs]… a lot of them are people I respect, for sure, but I just feel like they must have a bit of spare time. Because what’s the point?

“They seem a bit weird to me. I don’t know why someone would make a track for one moment specifically for the year.”

He added:

Maybe they get some sort of Christmas cheer out of it, but I can’t see White Lies doing it. I’m a fan of the use of sleigh bells on records, but I don’t think we could base an entire track around it.

The drummer did say that he was a fan of more sombre yuletide tunes, however, adding: “I feel like there’s been some pretty good miserable Christmas albums. I could get along with someone grumpy and pissed off with the world – I could enjoy that.

“It’s when people start to make really upbeat, positive Christmas songs – I feel like it’s a bit of a pisstake.”

White Lies released their second studio album, ‘Ritual’, in January of this year. The band, who closed their UK tour with a show at London Wembley Arena earlier this month, are expected to begin work on their third LP next year, although it is not likely to be released until 2013.


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