White Lies admit to feeling ‘so much pressure’ ahead of recording new album

'We might have to teach ourselves how to write music again,' says bassist Charles Cave

White Lies bassist Charles Cave has revealed that the band are feeling the pressure ahead of recording their second album.

Cave admitted that the three-piece, who are currently touring the UK, originally wanted to take their time making the album, although they’ve now been told to work to a tighter schedule.

“It seemed like, ‘It will happen when it happens’, but now it seems that it’s got to happen in a window of about two months,” he told BBC 6 Music. “There’s almost so much pressure that you just have to forget about the whole thing and just have loads of fun.”

Despite Cave‘s reservations, he confirmed that the new songs White Lies have been working on so far have met the band’s high standards.

“We’re up to the challenge. We’ve been working on the lyrics already for a long while and feel very, very happy with four or five, which is half,” he explained.

He also warned fans to expect to hear some more experimental sounds on the follow up to ‘To Lose My Life’, explaining: “We’ve all bought and listened to more music in this last year than in our entire lives before, just because touring is boring so you buy new music and listen to it, so I think, ‘Who knows what will happen?'”