Recently unsealed Bobbi Kristina Brown autopsy report reveals causes of death

Drugs and water immersion led to death by pneumonia

The autopsy files of Bobbi Kristina Brown have – after a judge granted media requests to have them unsealed – revealed the cause of death, it has been reported today (March 4).

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown’s 22-year old daughter was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her suburban Atlanta town home on 31 January 2015, and died in hospice care on July 26 2015.

According to The Guardian, local Atlanta news reported that superior court judge Henry Newkirk granted a motion filed by media organizations in Fulton County, yesterday (March 3).


It has been reported in the last few hours (March 4) that “Bobbi Kristina Brown’s face being immersed in water, along with drug intoxication, led to her death last year” a medical examiner said in a statement released today, according to a further report by The Guardian


In September 2015, Fulton County medical examiner issued the following statement to its website announcing the files were to remain hidden from public eye.

“The Fulton County Medical Examiner has classified the cause and manner of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death based on information available as of September 25, 2015. However, a Fulton County Superior Court Order dated September 25, 2015 has been received Sealing the Autopsy Report and ordering the Medical Examiner to not release any further information to the public. The Fulton County District Attorney and Roswell Police Department have been informed of the Medical Examiner’s findings.”

Media lawyers argued that the September sealing order of Brown’s files violated the state and federal constitutions and court rules.

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Formerly, the public were not to be made aware of the official cause of death of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter.


Brown died following almost six months in hospital, and the initial autopsy findings (immediately following her death) did not report any immediate apparent cause.

Bobbi Kristina was buried next to her mother Whitney Houston in late July, while the family have since sued her boyfriend over her death. The lawsuit accused Nick Gordon of giving Bobbi Kristina Brown “a toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious and then put[ting] her face down in a tub of cold water,” and seeks ten million dollars in damages.

Bobby Brown released an emotional statement following Bobbi Kristina’s death, saying:

“Krissy was and is an angel. I am completely numb at this time. My family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory. Our loss is unimaginable. We thank everyone for the prayers for Krissy and our family as we mourn my baby girl.”