Woman ejected from ‘The Bodyguard’ musical for singing ‘loudly and badly’

The final show of a Nottingham run of the musical didn't go quite to plan for attendees

A woman was evicted from the final showing of the musical version of Whitney Houston, Mick Jackson and Kevin Costner’s iconic movie ‘The Bodyguard’, after singing persistently ‘loudly and badly’ on Saturday night (October 24).

Former X Factor star Alexandra Burke – the daughter of Soul II Soul singer Melissa Bell – stars in the musical, playing the role of Rachel Marron (Houston in the movie of the same name).

The BBC reports that the evicted woman continued singing for around 20 minutes despite being repeatedly asked to be quiet by other members of the audience. Some audience members suggest the police were called, while others describe the atmosphere as akin to a football match. Reports mention that audience members on a different tier to the singing woman could hear her clearly.


Kate Collins, who is the theatre’s operations director, confirmed: “On Saturday evening, a customer causing a disturbance during the final performance of The Bodyguard was asked to leave by Royal Concert Hall staff.”

“The customer left the building soon after this request. The performance continued unaffected.”

‘The Bodyguard’ is the story of a superstar singer who comes under threat from an obsessive stalker. She hires a bodyguard on her manager’s recommendation, and the story follows the dramatic unfolding of events that lead to the bodyguard saving the musician’s life, as well as the romantic relationship between the two. The hugely successful cinematic version was released in 1992.

Following the final night in Nottingham, ‘The Bodyguard’ musical will move on to Sheffield.


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