Whitney Houston’s death to be be ruled as accidental?

'She was the furthest thing from trying to kill herself', say those close to investigation

Whitney Houston‘s death is likely to be ruled as accidental, according to sources close to the investigation.

E! News reports that officials looking into the circumstances surrounding Houston’s passing away have not uncovered any evidence to suggest that she took her own life or that another party was involved.

The source claimed that “nothing suspicious” had been found in relation to the singer’s death, and have also not been able to connect any physicians or other people to the case.

They added:

She has no marks on her body whatsoever to indicate a struggle, and she was the furthest thing from trying to kill herself.

Although police are unable to comment on the case until they receive the toxicology report, the source also claimed that the case was close to completion.

Houston passed away earlier this month (February 11) at the age of 48, after she was discovered underwater and unconscious in a bath at a hotel in Beverly Hills. Though it has been widely reported that she died as a result of an overdose of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol, police had previously said it could take up to eight weeks for her cause of death to be formally confirmed.

A police spokesman had said that although prescription drugs were present in the singer’s room, reports that they were involved in her death were still only “rumours and speculation”.