It is unclear if John Houston is keen on going head to head with his daughter...

Whitney Houston is being sued by her father’s company for a mind-boggling $100 million.

However, it is unclear if John Houston is keen on going head to head with his daughter.

His company, John Houston Entertainment, filed the breach of contract lawsuit on August 30 in New Jersey Superior Court. It accuses the singer of never paying up for services rendered when the company acted on her behalf, according to MTV.


According to the lawsuit, Whitney Houston hired her father and his business partner Kevin Skinner in 2000 to represent her in a number of personal and professional matters. These included helping her sort out her legal entanglements involved in her drug bust in Hawaii in January 2000 when a search of her bag turned up more than 15 grams of marijuana.

It also says the pair were instrumental in helping her secure a new $100 million deal with Arista last summer.

“We weren’t her managers per se,” Skinner said, “at least not in name. But we were in effect. She had no management at that time, and we masterminded the whole situation. All of the parties involved, we selected. And we did whatever it took to get her [financially solvent]. It took her five years to run through her money, and it took us five weeks to get it back. But we didn’t do it for free.”

He claims they were on a 20% take of Whitney Houston‘s cash.

“For anyone else, it could have been higher,” he said. “And she was in a crisis. We could have named our price. But she’s his daughter. She would have had no publicists, no accountants, no lawyers, no house. She would be bankrupt.”

He added that they have sued for such an inflated figure because they know it will be knocked down in court.


John Houston has released a statement attempting to make the action look like one between him and his daughter’s employees, rather than against his daughter herself.

“I am stating for the record that I am 100% behind the lawsuit against my daughter Whitney Houston and am ashamed at my daughter’s staff… because they want to weasel out of paying my company… I will not rest until this is over, and I plan to see it through to the end.”