Robbie Williams reveals why he left ‘The X Factor’

He's bought a share in a Liverpool university and college. Let him educate you.

Robbie Williams has spoken out about why he left The X Factor after one series as a judge.

Speaking at a London press conference held to announce the news that he has bought a 20% share in LMA, the Liverpool-based music-centric university and college that produced the LMA Choir, one of his X Factor acts, Williams explained that he will return to the show, but has taken a break as he’s recorded a new album.

“I have an album to promote” he said. “I’m gonna be all over the place to promote that. We wanted it to work desperately with The X Factor but it just wasn’t going to work. And it’s to be continued. Me and Simon [Cowell] are good friends. Our family are friends. The kids hang out all the time.


“It’s just a pause on the relationship and then it will carry on. But this year I have to go and promo our album to death.”

Robbie Williams World cup
Robbie Williams at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Williams revealed that The LMA Choir, who were ejected from The X Factor in the second week of the live shows, will feature on his upcoming album, which will be released at the end of the year.

He added: “I can officially announce that LMA will be joining me at [Barclaycard presents BST Hyde Park in London on July 14]. The other thing is a Christmas album.”

Speaking about his relationship with The LMA choir, Williams revealed: “There are a few things that I didn’t expect when I went on The X Factor. One is how much fun I had. The other is how you fall in love with the contestants. We were supporting each other through it. And this has been natural progression from that.

“I was looking into the eyes of all the students and I’m like, ‘Oh! They’re like me. That’s who I was and who I am. We’re jazz hand people. It’s difficult for jazz hand people in northern England. We have to stay together and protect each other. I felt protective of them, they felt protective of me. I was surprised that I was actually quite good at mentoring and I want to carry that on.”


Asked how involved he will be in mentoring students, he said: “I wanna find out how to teach, too. I have a bit of experience in the business and if I can mine that maybe I can pass that on to the good people of LMA.

“I’m 45 and I know that I have to follow the fun. And these people give me that.”