Wilco post full live set video featuring tracks from ‘Star Wars’ – watch

An hour of Tweedy and co. featuring a heap of recent tracks

Wilco‘s show from Columbia City Theater, Seattle, on August 10 has been posted online in full, and features a varied trawl through the Chicago band’s genre-spanning sounds.

The video, posted by Seattle radio station KEXP, features the experimental folk/ rockers delving into their back catalogue, but also showcases tracks from surprise free download album ‘Star Wars‘, which came out earlier this year. The CD version of Star Wars came out yesterday, August 21, and the vinyl version will follow in October.

During the set, Jeff Tweedy and his band also revisit music by Uncle Tupelo, the band from which Wilco emerged, and cover Daniel Johnston. The set is toned-down and acoustic.


Wilco are currently on a break from their North American tour, which resumes in mid-September, featuring a mix of Wilco gigs and festivals. It’s been an eventful year for the band, who were involved in a boycott of the state of Indiana back in April, in protest against the implications of a religious freedom act.

Their shows this year have heavily featured early tracks, in marking the 20th anniversary of debut album ‘AM’, released in March 1995.

You can view the recent 55-minute performance below: