Wilco cancel show in Indiana due to US State’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The band call the controversial new ruling 'thinly disguised legal discrimination'

Wilco have pulled out of a show in Indiana due to the state’s new controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The band were set to play in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 7 as part of their current tour that marks 20 years since the release of their debut album, ‘AM’.

A message from the band on their Facebook page reads: “The ‘Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ feels like thinly disguised legal discrimination to us.”


This act was signed into law last Thursday (March 26) by Governor Mike Pence and has been slated for allowing business owners to use religion as a means of justifying discrimination against minorities, including those in the LGBT community.

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Cher have made their opinions clear on social media and many other public figures have been using the hashtag #BoycottIndiana to show their opposition, but Wilco are the first group to cancel a show due to the Act.

Many fans in Indianapolis were disappointed but Wilco did state that they “hope to get back to the Hoosier State someday soon, when this odious measure is repealed”.

Wilco will continue with the rest of their tour, which kicks off on April 22.

The band’s frontman Jeff Tweedy released a LP, titled ‘Sukierae’, last year with his son Spencer.

“When I set out to make this record, I imagined it being a solo thing, but not in the sense of one guy strumming an acoustic guitar and singing,” said Tweedy. “Solo to me meant that I would do everything – write the songs, play all the instruments and sing. But Spencer’s been with me from the very beginning demo sessions, playing drums and helping the songs take shape. In that sense, the record is kind of like a solo album performed by a duo.”


Wilco released their latest album ‘The Whole Love’ in 2011.