Wild Beasts: ‘Our new record is full of shagging songs’

Kendal band channel their inner animal on 'Boy King'

Wild Beasts frontman Hayden Thorpe has told NME the band’s new record ‘Boy King’ is full of “shagging songs”.

The Kendal four-piece have been channelling their inner animal on the follow up to 2014’s ‘Present Tense’, which they claim was made up of love songs.

“This one is all fuck songs,” Thorpe declared of the record, which is out this Friday (August 5). “There’s no love on it at all. It’s a party record, but like any party there comes a point where it starts getting light outside, when your brain begins to glitch and you start to feel…doom.”


He added: “50,000 years ago we were cave-dwelling and now we’re iPad-scrolling, but we’re still the same animal. This record is an engagement with that animal, with this thing that needs to hunt, that needs to fuck, that needs to fight.

“Those instincts are now regarded – for good reason – as being dangerous or destructive. But that untamed aspect of ourselves is still there. It’s music that really engages that part of our lizard-brains.”

Thorpe also explained that the idea for the record came from how “many people have a separate digital persona” today.

He added: “You can trenscend yourself online, become bigger than you are – that’s something you used to have to form a band to do.”

‘Boy King’ is the Kendal four-piece’s fifth album to date. The traclist is as follows:


‘Big Cat’
‘Tough Guy’
‘Alpha Female’
‘Get My Bang’
‘Celestial Creatures’
‘He The Colossus’
‘Eat Your Heart Out Adonis’