Wild Beasts: ‘There’s no dignity to sex or masculinity in Britain’

Band open up about the saucy lyrics on new album 'Smother'

Wild Beasts have said they believe there is “no dignity to sex or masculinity in Britain.”

Speaking in the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands now or available digitally, the band have said they try to be as subtle as possible in the lyrics on their third album ‘Smother’, which comes out on Monday (May 9).

Asked about the erotically charged nature of the lyrics on their new album, singer Hayden Thorpe said: “You can say a lot more by saying a lot less. I think the key point is dignity. In British culture there isn’t a dignity to masculinity and dealing with sex. You open up page three of the biggest selling newspaper in the country and it’s a pair of boobs straight away.”

Thorpe added that he felt the band had attempted to “romanticise the mundane” and “glamorise normality” on ‘Smother’.

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