Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe: ‘I never realised my voice was like Marmite’

Singer didn't think his vocals would 'get a bit of a bashing' until their first record

Wild Beasts‘ frontman Hayden Thorpe has admitted that his falsetto vocal is “like Marmite” – and also claims he didn’t realise how divisive it would be “until it was too late”.

In an interview with The Independent, the singer, who is renowned for his countertenor singing style, said he had found it “liberating” to receive criticism from people.

When asked at what point he had realised his voice could split opinion amongst fans, he replied:

Not until it was too late. Not until we had a record out and suddenly it was ‘oh man, this is Marmite!’. And that decided it – this is the way it’s got to be. It was really liberating to get a bit of a bashing at the beginning from a certain set of people; it gives you the fire to go for it.


Thorpe also dismissed claims that the band were pretentious and insisted they wanted to achieve mainstream success, adding: “I want us to be on Radio One. There is that self-righteousness of being in a band since we were teenagers, that idealism and belief that you can achieve the unachievable.

“There’s a feeling of wanting to reach people who deserve something deeper than the superficial level that most mainstream art works at.”

Earlier this month, the band told NME.COM that they would be taking a long break after their current tour finishes and did not envisage releasing a new album until 2013. The band released their third studio album, ‘Smother’, earlier this year.