The Wildhearts pulled offstage at Download

Set is cut short after torrent of missiles gets out of hand

The Wildhearts were pulled offstage in dramatic fashion at Download Festival today (June 15).

The veteran British rockers’ set was cut short after an apparently good-natured festival bottling got out of hand.

Towards the end of a rowdy show which saw frontman Ginger bantering with the crowd throughout, the rocker began to complain about the lack of objects being thrown forward, chastising the crowd by saying, “is that all you’ve got to throw?”


However, the audience took this as encouragement, and a torrent of objects began to come forward. When a sharp object landed at the barrier, the song ’29 x The Pain’ was stopped and the band left the stage.

However, earlier on today, Ginger told was not expecting such a dramatic show. He told NME.COM: “We’ve played Donington surprisingly few times. We played as The Wildhearts in 1994, and then a couple of years ago as Ginger and the Sonic Circus, when I got my arms impaled a bunch of times by the psycho cyborgs. They’re a body modification performance outfit that specialise in sticking things in bodies. So I hope this time will be a little less eventful.

“This time we’re actually going to try and play well! I’m quite confident that our audience are going to make us proud to say because they’re a very loud, vociferous bunch.”

With two decades behind them, the band have relinquished control of their setlist. Ginger said: We can’t choose the setlist in 40 minutes, so we got one of our friends to pick it. It’s one of our friends called Gav – he knows them all. And our soundman had a hand in it as well. I like doing the long songs, we’ve got songs that are 13 minutes long – if you play two of them then you’re done!”

Before the band’s abrupt ending Ginger had been bantering happily with the crowd, judging the “things on sticks”. Spotting one flag with the face of KISS star Gene Simmons, he quipped: “That actually looks thinner than Gene Simmons did the other day!”

Clearly enjoying working the crowd up, he then called for “a Nickelback fan on a stick!”


The Wildhearts played:

‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’


‘Caffeine Bomb’

‘Vanilla Radio’

‘My Baby Is A Headfuck’

‘This Revolution Will Be Televised’

‘Sick Of Drugs’

’29 x The Pain’

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