Ginger has some advice for Justin...

THE DARKNESS need to take a break from touring, according to one of their closest allies.

Today at the Carling Weekend: Leeds festival, NME.COM caught up with The Wildhearts’ veteran frontman Ginger. His band have been given a new lease of life since The Darkness invited them out to support on their American tour.

But despite their whirlwind success, Ginger told how he is not envious of their position, saying: “It must be daunting, I wouldn’t like to be in the same position, to have one album and then be expected to go onstage with Green Day on one of the headline slots and The White Stripes on the other, who’ve got a bunch of albums.


“I think The Darkness deserve to be a headline band, but they’re pushing them a little bit too quickly, they’re having to fill the set full of B-sides and new songs. Making them tour that album for two and a half years. Let them go

away and write a new one.”

Reactions to the band’s headline sets at Reading and Leeds have been lukewarm. Meanwhile, The Wildhearts yesterday stormed the Carling Stage, reminding fans of their hits like ‘Sick Of Drugs’ and ‘Caffiene Bomb’, as well as tracks from new album ‘The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed’.

Ginger said: “The Wildhearts, we never go away, we never really have. We’ve always been pulling in crowds, obviously when you’ve been doing it for as many years as we have, obviously we’re a good live band. And then when someone gives you a break like Reading and Leeds festival, people come and check us out, give us a go and we’re fucking great!”