Singer Ginger has revealed that they will be playing live dates in June...

THE WILDHEARTS are to reform for a series of live shows this summer, according to singer GINGER.

In a posting on his official website, [url=]www.silverginger.co.uk, Ginger said he is “fucking bored with the pussies that constitute our rock’n’roll fraternity these days” and is missing “the mayhem that always was The Wildhearts”.

He said: “I went out for a drink with [band members] Danny and CJ the other day… It struck me how much I had missed the mayhem that always was The Wildhearts.


“So we figured we’d get back together, do some shows and let these new fucking chancers know what rock’n’roll is all about. Now, tell me you couldn’t do with the same dose of real life r’n’r that I could do with? This is serious! We are going to fuck with your world and we are going to do it around June of this year.”

The Wildhearts originally split in 1997, citing musical differences as the reason. Following the split, various band members embarked on solo careers, but were not as commercially successful.