Wiley fans petition local council to get statue of the rapper in east London

Rinse FM DJ rallies support for tribute to grime pioneer

A petition has been created to have a statue of Wiley erected in his hometown of Bow in east London.

Rinse FM DJ Julie Adenuga has set up the petition, asking Tower Hamlets council to build a life size statue of ‘the king of grime’. In order to get the council to consider the idea 2,000 signatures are required. At the time of writing the petition has already garnered 1,325 names.

Speaking to NME, Adenuga says: “For me Wiley is a representation of the world I’ve grown up in. A positive, humorous & honest representation of my generation. Baring in mind he’s 9 years my senior, you can imagine the people older and younger than me who he is also relevant and significant to.
A statue to celebrate his achievements & further inspire a generation just seems like the right thing to do.
We shouldn’t wait for people to die before we celebrate their life.”

Should the statue get the go-ahead, it will be erected in Mile End Park on east London’s Roman Road. You can sign the petition here.

Earlier this year Wiley refused to return a £15,000 fee charged for his appearance at Cumbria’s Cockrock festival, at which he played for only 15 minutes. The grime MC criticised the festival and those attending the event, labelling them “pagans”, after he was booed offstage on July 20.

Wiley also hit out at Glastonbury festival this summer in Twitter rant. He left the site before his scheduled appearance at Worthy Farm on June 29, claiming he believes the festival is too interested in making money.