Wiley refuses to return Cockrock Festival fee after cutting set drastically short

Grime MC stayed onstage for just 15 of the 45 minutes he was due to play

Wiley is refusing to return his reported £15,000 fee after he stayed onstage for just 15 of the 45 minutes he was due to play at Cockrock Festival earlier this month.

The grime MC criticised the Cumbrian festival and those attending the event, labelling them “pagans”, after he was booed off stage on July 20. He later bragged about earning £15,000 for a quarter of an hour’s work on Twitter.

The festival’s organisers then confirmed that they would be seeking legal advice and have apparently asked for Wiley to return his performance fee.

“They say it’s a charity event and they want their money back,” Wiley told BBC Newsbeat. “I’ve just stood on stage and been coined and bottled. Obviously I’m not giving the money back.”

Before he took to the stage on July 20, Wiley had complained on Twitter about having to travel from London to Cumbria for the festival, which he now concedes may have contributed to the poor reception he received. “When I went on I knew some people were going to be unhappy,” he admitted.

He added: “The escalation on Twitter is uncontrollable. The woman who was looking after us said if it gets too much, come off. After 15 minutes I looked at the floor and it was covered in coins. Any one of those coins could have taken my eye out.”

Wiley also defended his use of the word “pagan” to describe the Cumbrian festival-goers, saying: “Pagan’s just a word but they don’t know that yet. It’s a London thing. I don’t want them to think I hate Cumbria.”

Wiley previously explained his Twitter rant against Glastonbury Festival, after which he left the site before his scheduled appearance there on June 29, claiming he believes the festival is too interested in making lots of money.