Wiley opens up about his Twitter rant against Glastonbury

Rapper says he wants the festival to "win" but that much of the festival is "just about making lots of money" in another confused rant

Wiley has spoken about his Twitter rant against Glastonbury Festival, after which he left the site before his scheduled appearance there on Saturday, June 29.

“I turned round to Glastonbury and said no because of something they’ve done to me previously. Not that we should be playing tit for tat… but the fact I can get to a place where I can say ‘You know what I’m not going to do Glastonbury, let me help the other festivals rise up.’ Once you play the game for a certain amount of time you’re in the loop and you can’t be ignorant and arrogant cause they’ll kick you out of the loop,” he told the Global Gathering Radio Show.

“When Glastonbury called I said no,” he added. “I’ve told Glastonbury I respect the man (Michael Eavis), I respect the amount of money they earn, I respect they give it to charity … but my point is this – Glastonbury is meant to be the biggest festival in the world and Glastonbury charge £220 a ticket – and there’s loads of elements in that place about just making lots of money instead of being the best festival in the world. I just wanted the world to know that – I don’t want to upset Glastonbury. I want them to win but I’m saying they’re not the only festival on the earth.”


He continued: “The man who started that thing Michael Eavis, I’ve got nothing but respect for him… he’s done something you and me ain’t done, and he’s laughing his head off.”

The rapper tweeted frustration over having to perform at this year’s festival during a lengthy Twitter tirade on Thursday (June 27), which has since been deleted. “Soon as I land …Rain ffs,” he began, before adding several tweets later: “Fuck it life goes on but I am pissed. Glastonbury ain’t paying me enough to leave my comfort zone …tight bastards.”

Later in his tirade, Wiley began tweeting at the official Glastonbury Festival Twitter account, @GlastoFest. “please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again,” he urged. Then, responding to a tweet from fan @DJimmy_Wilson, he concluded: “Jay-Z had to wait till the end of his career to play Glasto ..fuck them and their farm …” He subsequently apologized for that comment.

Once he arrived on site before his appearance on the Sonic Stage, he then left the site, writing: “I don’t have to play there …God knows and I know …all this moaning means nothing to neither me or god …lol … Tbf my manager and team could of prevented this but I don’t blame them I’m just glad I ain’t at Glasto …Amen.”