Wiley on playing Glastonbury: ‘Fuck them and their farm’

The grime star's due to play a DJ set on the Sonic Stage tomorrow (June 29), but isn't very happy about it

Wiley shared his frustration over having to perform at this year’s Glastonbury Festival during a lengthy Twitter tirade last night (June 27).

Most of the grime star’s negative tweets have since disappeared, but Wiley made his feelings perfectly clear before hitting the ‘delete’ button. “Soon as I land …Rain ffs,” he began, before adding several tweets later: “Fuck it life goes on but I am pissed. Glastonbury ain’t paying me enough to leave my comfort zone …tight bastards.”

Continuing, Wiley lashed out at several other summer festivals, saying: “Capital ball Glastonbury And wireless can all fuck off as far I’m concerned.” He then took issue with his Glastonbury fee, warning: “I’m gonna tell al the promoters how much Glastonbury get away with paying people and the other festivals will think wtf ..”


Later in his tirade, Wiley even began tweeting at the official Glastonbury Festival Twitter account, @GlastoFest. “please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again,” he urged. Then, responding to a tweet from fan @DJimmy_Wilson, he concluded: “jay z had to wait till the end of his career to play glasto ..fuck them and their farm ….”

However, in spite of his protests, it appears that Wiley will be giving his planned DJ set on the Sonic Stage tomorrow afternoon (June 29).


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