Wiley: ”Eastenders’ actress named my album’

MC reveals he would like to play an Apple store worker in the BBC soap too

Grime MC and chart-topping popstar Wiley has revealed that his East End connections run deeper than ever – he took advice on the title of his new album, ‘The Ascent’ from a former Eastenders actress.

“My friend, Meryl Fernandes, who played Afia on Eastenders%3E%2C%20named%20my%20album%20because%20she%20could%20see%20the%20path%20and%20what%20it%20was%20all%20about.%20She%20could%20see%20I%27d%20done%20all%20those%20years%20of%20work%2C%20going%20up%20to%20where%20I%27m%20meant%20to%20be%2C%22%20Wiley%20told%20%3Ca%20href%3D%22www.shortlist.com”>Shortlist. He goes on to say he’d like a part in the long-running BBC soap opera too. “I’m connected with people so I know what to do. I’d really like to be a cool Cockney guy. Maybe I’d have an electrical shop. Or they’d open a Mac store in Walford, and I’d be one of the workers in there.”

In the same interview, Wiley reveals that he has not spent time with fellow Grime pioneer Dizzee Rascal in eight years. “[Dizzee] is the man. Out of everyone, he’s the man. He started at the same time as me, he hasn’t put a foot wrong. He’s millions of pounds up. We don’t hang out. We used to but we haven’t hung out in about eight years or some shit. We just don’t see each other.”

Wiley recently leaked ‘The Ascent’ to the internet, two weeks before its official April 1 release date on Warner Records. Taking to Twitter to explain his actions, the rapper wrote: “I am leaking my album at 7… Americans do it so I am doing it… If ITunes don’t do what I say I am leaking the album at 7 and I am not joking… I made a mistake on the album I need to make a change if iTunes cannot change the mistake I will leak it…………. today…” He concluded: “I hate being a idiot but sometimes people only listen when you are being a idiot.”