Wiley reveals the cause of fall out with Dizzee Rascal

The pair’s feud dates back to an incident in Ayia Napa in 2003

Wiley has spoken about the circumstances that led to his fall out with fellow grime pioneer Dizzee Rascal.

The Bow MC has been estranged from the ‘Boy In Da Corner’ artist for many years, following an incident in Ayia Napa in 2003.

In a new interview with Time Out, Wiley explained the roots of the long-running feud.


“The reason we haven’t spoken for so many years?… [B]asically, me and Dizzee went out one night [in Ayia Napa] and there was some fighting with another crew – I won’t say who, but basically everyone knows. Then the next day, I decided to carry it on – I didn’t pull out a knife,” he said.

“I was just fighting… Well, after we started it up again, those guys came looking for us. But the person they found was Dizzee. The thing we done the next morning led them to go looking for us, but see him and stab him.”

He continues: “Now I’m older, I can see: Dizzee in his head will always be thinking: ‘I know we got into a beef. I know something started. But you lot carried it on the next day. If you had left it I wouldn’t have got stabbed.’ That is the reason me and Dizzee haven’t spoken all these years.”


Wiley added that he is open to working with Dizzee again. Earlier this year, he named ‘Boy In Da Corner’ as the best grime album of all time.

In August, the pair could be reunited when Wiley opens for Dizzee at a gig in Bedford Park.

Wiley recently announced that he is working on an autobiography, due out in November, as well as a new album, ‘Godfather’, coming in September.

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