Wiley announces final release date for new album ‘The Godfather 3’

The follow-up to last year's 'Godfather 2' is due in September

Wiley has announced the “final” release date for his next album, ‘The Godfather 3’.

The third instalment of the ‘Godfather’ album series – following 2017’s ‘Godfather’ (which had been set to be his “final” album) and ‘Godfather 2’, which came out last year – is set to arrive later this year, with the Bow MC confirming details of the release on social media this week.

Wiley has now confirmed that ‘The Godfather’ 3 will be released on September 13, and shared possible artwork for the record via Instagram. The LP will be his thirteenth solo album.

This news comes a few months on from the release of ‘Boasty’, which saw Wiley collaborating with Stefflon Don, Sean Paul and Idris Elba.

Wiley also recently became embroiled in a beef with Skepta after he took exception to the ‘Shutdown’ MC working with Dizzee Rascal on the track ‘Money Right’.

Wiley took aim at Skepta on the track ‘Flip The Table’, before tweeting to declare that “the war has officially STARTED”. Skepta responded in February with the song ‘Wish You Were Here’, on which he fired back at Wiley with the lyrics: “You said you were my brother but you weren’t there/ Came to squash beef but you weren’t there… Old school beef, no I ain’t got time / Old school friends, no I ain’t got time / Life goes on, man I can’t rewind”.

Wiley responded to that diss track with ‘Don’t Bread Me’, which included the lines “I’m not gonna lie / All them ‘you weren’t there’ likkle cheap shots / It’s like, come on man, that’s not no kinda level”.