‘The war has officially started’ – Wiley takes aim at Dizzee Rascal and Skepta in new track ‘Flip The Table’

He refers to Dizzee as "the grime scene quitter"

Wiley has released a new song ‘Flip The Table’ that takes aim at Dizzee Rascal and Skepta escalating the long-running feud between the rappers.

The self-styled Godfather of Grime released his track via sendspace, a file delivery site, today (November 19), a nod to the way Grime tunes were originally shared.

On the track Wiley refers to Dizzee, rapping over a remixed Eski beat: “You’re not a killer, you’re a table flipper, the boy in the corner, the grime scene quitter”.


Immediately after posting the download link for ‘Flip The Table’ on Twitter, Wiley tweeted “The War Has Officially STARTED”.



Neither Skepta or Dizzee Rascal have responded to the track.


The two Grime MCs have been feuding for 14 years since Dizzee was stabbed in 2003. It appeared that their feud could come to an end last year when Wiley admitted feeling guilty over his part in the incident.

However, this was not to be the case. In October, Wiley posted a scathing rant about Skepta and Dizzee Rascal on his Instagram Story.

Unhappy that the duo were working together on a new song, Wiley said: “You know why I’m the king? Because I tell people to work with you, you tell people to ‘fuck Wiley. Fuck grime, I’m a pop star. Fuck all them man.’ You and Skepta, I hope you’re happily ever after bruv.”

Wiley added: “Dizzee and Skepta are on a tune…fucking hell” before calling them both “frauds”. He added: “you will never be able to beat me at my own game, ever.”

In May, it was announced that the grime pioneer’s life will be the focus of a forthcoming biopic Wiley. The film was reported to be directed by Adam Smith and will trace Wiley’s roots as a performer on pirate radio and his subsequent journey to achieving global fame.

“This is my life, my highs and lows, but it’s not really all about me,” Wiley told Variety of the project.

“When I make music, help the scene or even do something like this, it’s like I’m not alone any more. It’s for people who grew up like me. I’m doing it to help people who are lost like me.”