Wiley and Dizzee Rascal feud reignites amid rumours of a new diss track

'You don't want war with me bro - I am the reason you are here'

The feud between Wiley and Dizzee Rascal appears to have reignited, after rumours emerged that Dizzee had written a diss track about him.

The two grime pioneers were once close friends and collaborators, before falling out over an incident in Aya Napa in 2003.

Now, ‘Godfather Of Grime’ Wiley has called out Dizzee after hearing that he’d “sent for him” on his new album – and threatened to retaliate with a “10 minute dub”.

“Nobody round here especially me is scared of you,” wrote Wiley on Twitter. “Always remember that. David Haye or no David Haye.”

He continued: “Dizzee, you can’t talk to me. I am the reason you are here. Trust me, you don’t want war with me bro. Not today.

“Dizzee is sending for me because he wants me to make him relevant again, and I should just let him rot in the corner with his ‘Boy In Da Corner’ LP. But he knows I will say something to him, don’t he? Nice try.”

He added: “Back then you was a real top bo,y but right now fam nobody cares.”

Read his full string of Tweets below:

Dizzee Rascal is yet to respond.

Wiley, who was honoured for his ‘Outstanding Contribution To Music’  at this year’s NME Awards, will be touring with Boy Better Know this summer. Boy Better Know will take over the O2 Arena and complex on August 27 for what has been described as a “day of music, film, gaming, sport, food and London lifestyle”. Tickets are available here.