Wiley’s feud with Drake has reignited after the Godfather of Grime says “the war has started” again

Here we go again

Wiley has reignited his epic feud with Drake, declaring on Twitter that “the war has started” once more.

The argument has been ongoing since Wiley mocked Drake for being a “culture vulture” after Drake stopped by various UK artists’ shows and brought a host of them out on his tour, including J Hus, Krept & Konan, Afro B, Dave and Fredo.

Drake responded to the grime godfather’s comments only for Wiley to later reignite the argument after he adopted an exaggerated Canadian accent in response to Drake’s comments.


Now, Wiley has taken aim at Drake once more – as well as Ed Sheeran and Nicki Minaj too. Wiley called Drake and Sheeran “pagans” and “the 2 worse culture vultures on the planet.”

He added: “I’m being held back cos @Drake obviously ain’t clearing @PopcaanMusic and @NICKIMINAJ is going to start her family…it’s a dead end.”

Wiley also criticised Sheeran for his latest song ‘Take Me Back To London’, which he claimed was using “his sound”. The rapper said: “You need me man I don’t need you.”







Last month, Wiley appeared to taunt Sheeran after sending a series of negative Tweets about the singer’s remix collaboration with Stormzy. The move looked to have irked Wiley, who accused Sheeran of being a “clout chaser” by using one of the grime’s biggest stars to gain popularity.

Responding to Wiley’s comments earlier this year, Drake said: “It is what it is.” Drake began. “I see a lot and I’ll never understand how supporting somebody’s song or even going a step further and giving somebody a song or linking up…I’ll never understand how that’s not viewed as something admirable but I guess people have their own outlook on it.”

Addressing Wiley directly, he added: “But yeah, I didn’t like that. It’s Wiley that said that, I’ll just say his name because that was some goofy shit. But yeah, I just didn’t like that. I was like, ‘Dude what are you talking about? They have tunes that are ringing off. Anybody that’s on now, what are you guys talking about?’”