Wiley slams “frauds” Skepta and Dizzee Rascal in scathing online rant

Oh boy...

Rapper Wiley has delivered a scathing online rant about Skepta and Dizzee Rascal via a lengthy outburst on his Instagram Story.

Unhappy that the duo are apparently working together on a new song, Wiley said: “You know why I’m the king? Because I tell people to work with you, you tell people to ‘fuck Wiley. Fuck grime, I’m a pop star. Fuck all them man.’ You and Skepta, I hope you’re happily ever after bruv.”

Wiley added: “Dizzee and Skepta are on a tune…fucking hell” before calling them both “frauds”. He added: “you will never be able to beat me at my own game, ever.”


You can watch some videos of the moment here:

Wiley added: “Dizzee and Skepta on a tune, you know what? Neither of you lot can talk to me, I’m not talking to you. That’s it, done. You made your bed now you can go and lie in it you pagans.”

“Dizzee, you’re a pussyhole, you need to stop talking ‘cause you ain’t been on no smoke for 18 years bruv. You’ve been in hiding for 18 years, I’m sick of you.”

Wiley also went on to mock Skepta and Drake’s friendship after the pair were seen at Wimbledon together.



Back in September, Dizzee Rascal and Skepta shared a new single, called ‘Money Right’, taken from the former’s upcoming new EP. Rascal confirmed the new record was on the way on September 5.

It follows his 2017 album ‘Raskit‘, which NME described as “[trading] good-time anthems for social commentary” in a four-star review. 

Speaking to Julie Adenuga on Beats 1 on Apple Music, the star revealed some details of his new EP. “It’s called ‘Don’t Gas Me’,” he said. “To be fair, I probably would’ve made an album – that’s what I was working towards but I didn’t wanna miss this summer. It’s just five banging tracks that are all completely different.”

He added that the collaboration with Skepta on ‘Money Right’ came about because they were both in the same building working on music. “He showed me the instrumental for this and I stood up,” Rascal explained. “I said, ‘Nah, we have to do this.’ I understood it. It’s one of them ones that everyone our age or above would think, ‘Why didn’t I do that?’”

Wiley also revealed in the video that ‘Godfather 3’ was on the way. Reviewing ‘Godfather 2’ NME wrote: “This is an undeniably accomplished, pop-influenced rap record…Though it boasts hard-hitting moments… this sequel lacks the punch of its predecessor. Last year’s first instalment was a dazzlingly brilliant reminder of Wiley’s show-stopping vocal delivery and confrontational production style.”