Wiley shares coronavirus conspiracy theory: “This is a control method”

There is no evidence to suggest the disease was deliberately created

Wiley has bizarrely claimed that coronavirus was deliberately introduced in China as a “control method” to kill thousands of people.

He said: “I feel like someone high up … this is a control method. Depopulation is a real thing. However it occurs, I don’t know how to explain that part because different people use different methods but I read on the [inter]net, it said in China you were only allowed one baby but people kept having 10.”

His comments come after such widespread conspiracy theories were debunked by experts across the globe.

Elaborating on China’s one-child policy, which was actually abolished in 2015, Wiley told Q: “Can you imagine in England if I got into power and I told you, ‘Sorry mate, you can only have one kid.’ So that don’t feel alright already?”

He added: “Are they a communist country? Yes, so again, that doesn’t sit very well with me. But if somebody, the governor or the man who runs China, if it’s overpopulated, he might feel that way. There’s a deeper root. I wanna know why, I wanna know who is behind it.”

Doubling down on his thoughts on the virus, the Godfather of Grime likened the spread of the pandemic to “modern warfare.”

Wiley (Picture: Getty)

He went on to criticise celebrities who have tested positive for the disease but experienced no symptoms, claiming they were receiving “perks” for speaking out.

Wiley said: “The famous people and celebrities who’ve popped up, ‘Oh I’ve got it but no symptoms’. I don’t believe ’em…

“It’s normal when someone ‘normal’ catches it, if you get what I’m saying but a famous person who’s been in the Maldives for the last two months? A famous person who’s just finished a film? Where were you?

“It’s almost as if when something like this happens, if you’re famous you can jump on this agenda and get perks.”

At the time of writing, coronavirus has claimed the lives of over 264,000 people across the globe.

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