Wiley threatens to attack Stormzy’s mum on latest diss track

“If I see your mum down Croydon market / I’m gonna rip that weave off her head"

Wiley has shared the video for ‘Eediyat Skenman 2’, a track that sees him hit back at Stormzy  after he described the grime pioneer as a “crackhead cunt”.

Stormzy’s furious diss featured on ‘Disappointed’, which was released after Wiley said the south London MC was “worse than Ed Sheeran” on his own diss track ‘Eediyat Skengman‘.

The feud took another turn this morning (January 8) as Wiley released a diss track that  saw things getting increasingly personal.


If I see your mum down Croydon market / I’m gonna rip that weave off her head, dead,” he raps on the track.

Hours later, Wiley followed up with visuals, which you can take a look at below.

On one early verse, Wiley also boasts of having “done more for you than your dad has“.

The feud between the pair kicked off last week when Wiley attacked Stormzy on Twitter for working with Sheeran.

In turn, Stormzy branded Wiley a “prick”. “OK I actually think you do crack coz you dm’d me yesterday saying ‘bro omg let’s build houses in Ghana for our mums’ and now you’re here moving mad,” he said on Twitter last week.


“You are a prick coz you dm me all the time like it’s mad love and we’re brothers and then you come on the internet and act weird and the reason that makes you a prick is because you know I won’t ever say anything on the TL because arguing on the net has never been my style.”

On ‘Disappointed’, he also describes Wiley as an “old man” and urges him to “lay off the crack“.

In a subsequent interview, he likened Wiley to a “drunk uncle” who should “get back to bed.”