Wiley says his forthcoming new album will be his last

The MC's long-awaited twelfth album, 'The Godfather', will finally arrive later this week

Wiley has claimed that his forthcoming new album, ‘The Godfather’, will also be his last.

The grime MC will release his latest record on Friday (January 13), although the release hasn’t been without its problems – ‘The Godfather’ may not have made it to shelves at all, after Wiley threatened on numerous occasions to cancel the album altogether. He had also intended to release it on September 2 last year, but that particular deadline was missed.

Speaking to Noisey, Wiley appeared to confirm that ‘The Godfather’ will be his final full-length release.


“This is my last album, in theory. You know, Wiley the brand, you’re not going to see me trying to cane the arse out of tens of Wileys, you will not. I’ll always use my money to do other, smart things.”


Whether this will lead to his second retirement – he briefly quit music in 2014 – remains to be seen, but ‘The Godfather’ will be the Bow MC’s twelfth album when it is released on Friday.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wiley appeared to criticise fellow grime MC Kano‘s 2016 album ‘Made In The Manor’, dismissing it as “a good Damon Albarn album.”

“I think it was the wrong album to be made by him [Kano] at a time when grime was in fashion,” Wiley said. “It was a good Damon Albarn album in the first place, to be fair. Why do I know that? I like Damon Albarn. You know what I’m saying? I’m happy for him and all the success, but that was the wrong album to be made in this time by that artist. If grime is in and it’s popping, and you can see Stormzy and anyone else bringing it back, and you’re so good at it, you could have just given a fifteen track grime classic to follow up ‘Home Sweet Home.'”

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