Boris Johnson tells Will Smith: ‘I’ve written a rap about the Queen’s Jubilee’

MC Boris reveals burgeoning hip-hop career in meeting with Hollywood actor

Boris Johnson has said that he has written a rap about the Queen’s Jubilee and that he wants Will Smith to help him with it.

ITV News reports that the Mayor of London met with Will smith and his teenage son Jaden at a celebration of the achievements of the Mayor’s Leadership Clubs, launched in London earlier this year. It is reported that Johnson said to the former Fresh Prince Of Bel Air actor and rapper: “My first rap, I haven’t really set it to music yet,” before adding: “Perhaps with your help. I can send you a lyric. It was about the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.”

According to those at the celebration, Smith responded by saying: “That was big in the hip-hop community.” Speaking to the audience of 80 school children gathered at the celebration, the Men In Black 3 actor added: “I think it’s hugely important to take these moments. I want to thank you all for being an example for your fellow citizens so I congratulate you on that.”

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier this week that Will Smith has been recording in the studio with Kanye West. The pair were photographed together in a studio in Brazil back in February, and now Will Smith has revealed that they have actually been working on music together.