Watch Will.I.Am’s anti-Donald Trump video ‘Grab’m By The Pussy’

The Black Eyed Peas member made a plea for voters to stop Trump in the clip

William has shared a new video featuring a take on Donald Trump’s sexist comments about stars being able to “grab [women] by the pussy”.

‘GRAB’m By The PU$$Y’ features the musician dressed in a suit and blonde wig taking questions from debate moderator, played by fellow Black Eyed Peas member

As MC Donald T. Rump, Will.I.Am answers questions about the war in Afghanistan, the unlawful killing of black citizens by police and more saying: “When I’m President, I won’t be like Obama/If anyone talks shit about me, I’ll bomb ’em”.


He also cuts off his opponent Madam Boss, played by Liane V, telling her: “Ah, shut up girl/It ain’t about you, girl/It’s all about me, girl”.

The video ends with Will.I.Am out of his Trump costume urging viewers to vote for “a leader that not only will lead America, but will help heal the world given its complexity and problems”.

“OK, it’s obvious. I do not look like Donald Trump,” he said. “But what’s more obvious is that Donald Trump does not look like the President of the United States of America, nor should he be.

“This is not a TV show, a circus or a movie. This is real life with real life problems.”

Watch the video above, via The Independent.

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