will.i.am backs attempts to use 3D technology in music merchandise

Musician claims that it will soon be possible to buy 3D figurines of moments witnessed at a live show

will.i.am has expressed an interest in using 3D technology to revolutionise band and artist merchandise.

The musician, who will return to TV screens on Saturday (January 11) for the latest series of The Voice, is working with with 3D Systems, a 3D printing specialist, to try and combine the latest technology with merchandise. One of the early ideas is selling figurines depicting a moment from the gig to be sold immediately after the show ends.

Speaking to BBC News, will.i.am said: “The merch booth hasn’t changed since The Grateful Dead or The Rolling Stones. Enter the 3D printer. Now you will be able to print 3D images and objects from that night. Now you go see Lady Gaga in concert. There’s not just lights onstage, but scanners and she does some crazy pose. You capture that moment and print her.”

Earlier this week will.i.am’s fellow coach on The Voice, Kaiser Chiefs‘ Ricky Wilson, said that he is appearing on the TV talent show to boost his own band’s career. The frontman spoke to NME about his role on the show and admitted that he hopes the exposure will help him sell more copies of the band’s new album.