Willie Nelson says legalising marijuana would ‘save a whole lot of lives’

Country singer says smoking weed isn't a danger to anyone's health

Willie Nelson has insisted that legalising marijuana would save “a whole lotta” lives and money.

The country singer – who teamed up with rapper Snoop Dogg to release the pro-cannabis track ‘Roll Me Up’ last month (April 21) – told the Guardian that smoking weed wasn’t “dangerous healthwise” and said it should be decriminalised.

Asked whether the drug should be legalised, he replied: “It has to, because economically we need the money – why give it to criminals? Most people realise it’s not a deadly drug like cocaine or cigarettes.

“Cigarettes killed my mother, my dad, half my family, so don’t tell me about health when you’re talking about legalising marijuana because it’s not dangerous healthwise,” he added. “I’m the canary in the mine, and I’m still healthy. Had I stayed with alcohol I would have been dead or in prison somewhere today.”

Talking about the benefits of decriminalisation, he went on to say:

If we made everything legal we would save a whole lotta money, a whole lotta lives. If we taxed and regulated the drugs the way they do in other parts of the world, we would be far better off, I think.

Nelson – who was arrested in 2010 for marijuana possession – revealed earlier this month (May 9) that he turned down Roseanne Barr’s offer to be her Presidential running mate. The country music legend has released over 200 albums and won seven Grammy Awards during his career.