Willie Nelson to avoid jail for marijuana charge

Singer to get off with a fine as prosecutor is a fan

Willie Nelson is to avoid jail over his marijuana charge – because a judge says he won’t be “mean” to the country legend.

Nelson was arrested on a marijuana possession charge in Texas last November when a police officer found the substance on his tourbus. Now Hudspeth County prosecutor Kit Bramblett is letting him off with a fine, reports The Sun.

“He’s got to sing ‘Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain’ with his guitar,” quipped the prosecutor. “You bet your ass I ain’t going to be mean to Willie Nelson.”

Nelson had been found with 6oz of marijuana. Prosecutors said that when the packaging was removed it only weighed 3oz, making the offence just a misdemeanour.

Bramblett‘s quips continued, with the prosecutor joking that he’d smoked some missing marijuana.