Willie Nelson’s hair plaits for sale in auction of Waylon Jennings’ belongings

500 lots are being sold by Jessi Colter, wife of the late Waylon Jennings

Some of country icon Willie Nelson‘s famous plaits are going up for auction.

The plaits were cut from Nelson’s head in 1983 as a sign of solidarity for fellow country musician, the late Waylon Jennings, who at the time was attempting a period of sobriety. A host of Jennings’ personal belongings are to be listed in the auction, including Buddy Holly’s motorcycle, which Jennings was given after Holly died, as well as Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves and robe, Hank Williams’ cowboy boots and a letter to Jennings from John Lennon, reports Rolling Stone.

There are 500 lots in the auction, which will take place on October 5 at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, run by Jessi Colter, Jennings’ wife, to help the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Jennings passed away in 2002.

This summer Willie Nelson’s ranch was been partially destroyed by tornado winds. The bank and post office in Luck, Texas were badly affected by the extreme weather, but nobody was hurt in the incident. The ranch is just outside Austin and is regularly used for events around SXSW music festival. A message on Nelson’s official Facebook page read: “Our beautiful Luck wasn’t so Lucky recently. Last week’s tornado force winds ripped several buildings apart, including the bank, the post office and left World Headquarters holding on by a splinter. We are happy to report no-one was hurt and the church only had a few windows blown out. Some towns got it a lot worse, so we aren’t complaining. Luck is a tough town. It can be rebuilt.”

The ranch was built for the filming of the 1986 movie Red Headed Stranger, which was based on an album by the country music legend.

Willie Nelson was recently among the inaugural inductees to the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame. Also inducted in April of this year were Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, longterm show producer Bill Arhos and former University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal, whose “pickin’ parties” with songwriters after games helped inspire the show.