Win Butler responds to people calling ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Infinite Content’ Arcade Fire’s worst songs

The Arcade Fire frontman responded to a tweet criticising the songs from 'Everything Now'

Win Butler has responded to an account on Twitter that criticised songs from Arcade Fire’s last album, ‘Everything Now.’

A tweet from ‘Arcade Fire Tube’ said: “What were they thinking? Listening to the album for the first time in a good while… Chemistry sandwiched between Peter Pan and the Infinite Content songs…. That whole middle section still ruins the whole album for me.”

Butler responded by saying that music depends on people’s tastes and other factors.


Tweeting back at the account, Butler wrote: “The crazy thing about music is that everyone has different taste! Depends where you grew up, what your parents liked, how you feel rhythm etc. I’ve been on the other side and not loved the music my favorite bands made, but I just started listening to other music.”

“There were so many records I “loved” that I really liked 2 songs on, and also there’s a lot of music I really didn’t get that, made sense to me later in life. Or music that I thought was amazing that I completely lost interest in.”

The Arcade Fire frontman went on to say that he “barely engages” with Twitter “because 95% seems to be about what people don’t like, and I’m interested in what they do like.”


Butler concluded his tweets by sharing a song he listened to recently and telling fans that they will see them on tour soon.

“See some of you soon. Promise we’ll play our heart out. Peace and Love.”

Last month, Arcade Fire dropped a new video for Chemistry that was directed by Ray Tintori. Butler said that Tintori was someone who he had wanted to work with for years.

“We’ve been big fans of Ray’s work since his early videos and there was talk of collaborating during The Suburbs shoot – we were going to film it in New Orleans but then it got moved to Austin at the last minute, and Ray was caught up working on Beasts Of The Southern Wild.”

“So it was very full circle to finally be working with him in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. There is a playful, carnivalesque energy to the song; to capture that by filming literally during carnival felt right.”

NME’s 5 star review of “Everything Now’ said: “Aptly enough for a record about information overload, it’s also had the veritable kitchen sink thrown at it, employing myriad styles, multiple big-name producers and the sort of ingenious, overblown marketing campaign that’s become the norm for this band.”

Arcade Fire are on tour now.