Wire and St Vincent perform ‘Drill’ live – watch

Collaboration was part of Wire's Drill: Chicago Festival

St Vincent joined Wire onstage last night (June 12) for a performance of the band’s 1991 track ‘Drill’.

The previously-announced collaboration was part of Wire’s Drill: Chicago Festival, which began on Thursday and continues today. Click above to watch fan-recorded footage of the extended rendition of ‘Drill’ via Pitchfork.

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St Vincent recently suffered minor injuries following a fall from a speaker stack at one of her shows. The singer and guitarist – real name Annie Clark – performed at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville last month, where she climbed from the stage to the top speaker during one of her songs. However, Clark suffered a fall, bringing a speaker down with her and on top of a security guard working at the venue.


Clark later tweeted: “Patrick, security guard at Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, likely saved my life tonight… More importantly, Patrick is also ok. Thank god.” She also described the security guard, Patrick Green, as a “prince” for his actions.

Wire released a self-titled album in April.