Wire to play first Oxford show in 25 years to help homeless

Audioscope event organisers also line up compilation album featuring Four Tet and Deerhoof

Wire have announced plans to play the 10th anniversary of this year’s Audioscope festival in Oxford.

The band will make their first appearance in the city in 25 years at The Jericho on November 10, with all proceeds going to homeless charity Shelter.

The event, which is held on the 6, 10 and 20th of the month, will also feature krautrock pioneer Dieter Moebius from Cluster, Billy Mahonie and Epic 45.

In the past Four Tet, Neu!‘s Michael Rother, Can‘s Damo Suzuki and Deerhoof have performed at the festival.

The full line-up is as follows:

November 6

Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harmonia)
Billy Mahonie
The Oscillation
The Half Rabbits
The Rock of Travolta
Rome Pays Off
Mephisto Grande
Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element

November 10

Teeth of the Sea

November 20

SJ Esau (Anticon Records)
Ice, Sea, Dead People
The Winchell Riots
Felix (Kranky Records)
Laura Moody (Elysian Quartet)
Phantom Theory

The charity have also released an album, ‘Music For A Good Home’, to accompany the festival, which includes new material from Four Tet, Maps, Deerhoof, Michael Rother, Damo Suzuki and Pram. It’s available to download.

For more information go to Audioscope.co.uk.