Wireless Festival can remain in London’s Finsbury Park – but only if artists don’t swear or wear offensive clothes

Friends of Finsbury Park previously complained about anti-social behaviour at the festival

Wireless Festival has been granted a licence to remain in London’s Finsbury Park but it asks that performers don’t swear or wear offensive clothes.

Local group Friends of Finsbury Park, which is made up of residents in the area, previously called for the festival to be moved. They complained about noise levels, drug taking and anti-social behaviour at the festival.

Haringey Council have now decided to change the conditions of the licence rather than take it away.


“The Licensee shall reasonably request that performers do not sing or play any vulgar, obscene or banned songs or carry out indecent acts or make any vulgar gestures, actions or remarks during the performance,” the new conditions state. “He/she shall also ensure that the attire of the performers do not offend the general public, e.g., attire which expose the groin, private parts, buttock or female breast(s).”

However, it adds: “Whilst it is appreciated that the use of expletives are unpleasant in nature, it should be noted that such language is heard in everyday life in all walks of life irrespective of whether people are engaged in such conversations or have their hearing impacted by such language in passing on the street or from programmes on television etc.”

The last day of the festival will also finish at 21:30 BST – 30 minutes earlier than previous years. New sound level limits and monitoring will also be put in place. The full licencing report from Haringey Council can be read here.

Last years event saw performances from Stormzy, Migos, French Montana, Krept & Konan, and Big Shaq. Attendees of the 2018 event later complained about the low sound volume on the main stage, long queues to leave the event, ‘overcrowding’ and the ‘bottleneck’ system upon leaving.

Haringey Council responded to the problems reported at shows at Finsbury Park last year – claiming that they were ‘satisfied’ with measures Festival Republic took ahead of the event. Amid the huge wave of criticism, many fans demanded refunds for the 2018 shows, with some even starting a petition. Festival Republic declined to comment.


Two people also reportedly died after attending 2018’s Wireless Festival. A 20-year-old woman allegedly told staff she felt ill. She was believed to have been taken to hospital, where she died. In a separate incident at the Finsbury Park event, a 16-year-old boy also reportedly died after suffering a suspected asthma attack while leaving at about 9.40pm.

The festival also hosted an alternative, all-female stage after it was called out for its lack of women on the original line-up.

Only three out of 37 acts were women – Cardi B, Mabel and Lisa Mercedez. Cardi B later pulled out of the festival after announcing her pregnancy.

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