Wiz Khalifa puts our free mixtape after being released from prison

The rapper was arrested in Texas for alleged marijuana possession

Wiz Khalifa has out out a free mixtape after being released on bail following his arrest in Texas for allegedly possessing marijuana.

Khalifa was arrested on Sunday (May 25) at El Paso airport on his way to the city’s Neon Desert festival, where he was due to perform alongside MGMT, Zedd and Method Man & Redman. He was charged with possessing half-a-gram of marijuana, having been initially stopped because he was traveling without identification.

An aiport security spokesperson said: “While he was being screened for failure to have identification, officials discovered a metal container in his backpack which contained a prohibited item.”

On his release Khalifa, real name Cameron Thomaz, put out a free mixtape titled ’28 Grams’, download it here.

The rapper recently revealed he had recorded a track with Adele, but that it wouldn’t feature on his next album. Having been friends Adele since they met at the Grammys in 2013, Khalifa said: “It was, like, an idea. Maybe we’ll get to do a remix or something.”