Wiz Khalifa hasn’t forgiven Kanye West over their feud

Khalifa says ‘It’s not necessarily squashed’ over beef from West’s family insults

Wiz Khalifa has said he hasn’t forgiven Kanye West for questioning his son’s paternity, despite West’s public apology for his insults.

West apologised on Twitter and phoned Khalifa after claiming he was the real father of Khalifa’s three-year-old son Sebastian with West’s ex-partner Amber Rose.

Speaking about West’s phone call in January, Khalifa told Sirius XM radio show The Breakfast Club: “We spoke on the phone and he apologised. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s squashed, though, because when you talk to him about it, it doesn’t add up to what he said to me on the phone.”


Asked if he likes West, Khalifa replied: “Do I like him? Who would in that situation?”

In a separate new interview ahead of the release of his next album ‘Rolling Papers 2’, Khalifa said that his divorce from Rose has helped him. He told Playboy: “A year later, I’m way smarter and better equipped to deal with it. Not being in that relationship helped me out a lot. I learned how to be present where I needed to be present. I’d been present in the relationship but, at that age and with what was going on, it just wasn’t right for me. It helps to walk away sometimes, even though it was super hard.”

Khalifa added that the couple’s divorce was also hard because he was no longer involved in Sebastian’s life all the time. He said: “My main goal is to raise my son how I want. I’m a control freak, and not being able to control that was weird. I didn’t know how to deal with it.”