Wiz Khalifa opens up about Kanye West beef and reconciliation

The pair engaged in a heated exchange online in January

Wiz Khalifa has spoken about his recent beef with Kanye West.

In January, West hit out at the Pittsburgh rapper in a string of tweets after his hip-hop counterpart criticised the then-title of his album, ‘Waves’.

Khalifa had taken issue with West’s decision to the name the record ‘Waves’, claiming that he was using a term that New York rapper Max B popularised.


West launched into a tirade after he thought one of Khalifa’s subsequent tweets made reference to his wife Kim Kardashian. “Hit this kk and become yourself,” Khalifa wrote, later denying that he was referring to Kardashian by alleging that he was talking about a strain of weed.

West later indicated in a tweet that the pair had patched things up: “Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo. All positive.”

Now Khalifa has spoken to GQ about the exchange and eventual reconciliation. Asked why he originally objected to West’s use of ‘Waves’, the rapper replied: “Bob Marley spoke up for what he believed in.”

“I know specifically probably somebody told you not to have this conversation [about Kanye] with me,” he told journalist Zach Baron. “But because you’re in a room with me by myself, you think you can have this conversation with me.”


Khalifa continued: “Why would I [regret it]? It’s done and over with, so it don’t even matter.” On his phone conversation with West, Wiz said: “I keep shit brief. But for him, it’s no animosity, so it ain’t even no thing.”

Khalifa confirmed that Kanye apologised but that he did not, saying: “I have nothing to apologise for.” “When shit don’t matter, it don’t faze you,” he concluded.


Kanye West’s album was later renamed ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and released in February. Read the NME review.