Wiz Khalifa makes history by releasing a song on an Oreo cookie

...because apparently that's a thing you can do now

Wiz Khalifa has teamed up with his son Sebastien to release a song on an Oreo cookie.

The rapper’s collaboration with the cookie giant is part of an advertisement set to screen during the Grammys – one of the most watched music events of the year.

The campaign, titled ‘Stay Playful’, will be using a kind of creative technology that will see the biscuit brand release a limited-edition Music Box that will be able to play tunes straight from an Oreo cookie.


The cookie apparently works just like a record – you place an Oreo cookie on the Music Box, slide the record arm in place and the song plays. That particular song will be a new track from the American rapper. You can see a teaser of the commercial below.

“Releasing a song on a cookie is crazy. Because it’s like technology has been so advanced these days and to incorporate something that is really really classic and then bring it up to date with the technology… it’s good for the kids, it’s good for everybody but it’s also just super cool – like it’s fun to see,” Khalifa told Hot New Hip Hop.

This isn’t the first time an artist has released music in an unconventional way. Late last year, Massive Attack reissued ‘Mezzanine’ as a can of black spray paint.

A limited number of spray cans contained the DNA-encoded audio within matt black paint. Each can contained approximately one million copies of the album.


“It’s a creative way to store your back catalogue, although DNA-encoded spray paint is unlikely to be adopted by street artists seeking anonymity,” Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja explained.

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