Wolf Alice laugh off technical issues as they play Leeds Festival 2015

Band played early evening set on the NME/ Radio 1 Stage

Wolf Alice‘s set on the NME/ Radio 1 Stage at Leeds Festival 2015 ended with technical issues that the band laughed off.

Ending their 5:10PM set with ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s guitar stopped working and the band’s stage technician appeared unable to fix the issue. Having tried to play it a second time with no luck, Rowsell dropped the instrument on the floor and jumped on bassist Theo Ellis’ shoulders, wrestling him to the floor in the process.

Prior to their guitar problems, Wolf Alice played a set filled with hits from their 2015 album ‘My Love Is Cool’ with girls climbing on their boyfriend’s shoulders to sing along to ‘Bros’.

NMEAndy Hughes/NME

The band did very little in the way of speaking to the audience but held fans rapt with a shimmering renditions of ’90 Mile Beach’ and ‘Blush’.

A huge circle pit was created for the heavy riffs of ‘Giant Peach’ with Rowsell urging fans to spread the circle out as wide as they could. Having been wrestled to the ground by his lead singer during set closer ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, Theo Ellis ended the show by stage diving. However, he appeared to get dropped by the fans on the front row and drummer Joel Amey was left waiting after the rest of the band exited the stage for his bandmate to emerge from the mass of bodies.

Wolf Alice played:

‘Your Love’s Whore’
‘You’re A Germ’
’90 Mile Beach’
‘The Wonderwhy’
‘Giant Peach’
‘Moaning Lisa Smile’