Wolf Alice members crowdsurf during rain-soaked Glastonbury set

Band play triumphant Friday evening set on Park Stage

Wolf Alice battled technical problems and poor weather conditions to pull off a triumpant Glastonbury set this evening.

The band arrived on stage at 5pm and began by playing ‘Fluffy’ before moving into ‘You’re A Germ’ and ‘You’re Lovers Whore’ in a set identical to that which they played on the Williams Green stage on Thursday night.

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Lead singer Ellie Rowsell declared that the band were having “The best time”, having released their debut album on Monday (June 22) and played two Glastonbury sets in the past 24 hours.

A heavy rain storm began during the middle of the 45 minute set and didn’t cease until after Wolf Alice left the stage. Undeterred, bass play Theo Ellis asked for everyone to “grab a friend and dance in the rain” during ‘Bros’ while Rowsell added that “everyone is friends in this field.”

Rowsell and guitarist Joff Oddie also teamed up when her microphone stand collapsed during the middle of one song. Rowsell was left to crouch down while singing as Oddie propped it up with his arm while also continuing to play live.

She later went on to dive into the crowd during ‘Giant Peach’, the heaviest moment in the set and then returned to embrace the audience during set closer ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’.

Wolf Alice played:

‘You’re a Germ’
‘Your Love’s Whore’
’90 Mile Beach’
‘The Wonderwhy’
‘Giant Peach’
‘Moaning Lisa Smile’

Glastonbury Festival 2015 runs from June 26 until June 28 and is headlined by Kanye West and The Who. Florence And The Machine will replace Foo Fighters, who were forced to cancel last week due to Dave Grohl’s leg injury.

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